The Emerging Photographers Turning Our Heads<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

04 November 2016<\/strong> - What is it exactly about an image \u2013 whether moving or still \u2013 that catches our eye and makes our pulse skip a beat?<\/p><\/div>


\"Miniatures Exhibition\" 100 classic miniature sessions<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

20 September 2016<\/strong> - The exhibition \"miniatures exhibition\" presents 100 miniatures of classic sessions, made during the period that spans the beginnings of the industrial mass production of the nineteenth century<\/p><\/div>


GamFratesi\u2019s Apple Watch Herm\u00e8s Window Displays in Japan<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

24 August 2016<\/strong> - GamFratesi has designed the Herm\u00e8s stores window display in Japan to showcase the Apple Watch Herm\u00e8s. The display finds inspiration in the concept of Nature, which Herm\u00e8s themed in 2016 as \u2018Nature at Full Gallop\u2019.<\/p><\/div>


Al Locus Festival Felice Limosani|Project light art<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

05 August 2016<\/strong> - The light in his immense significance can be expressed in many forms through technology and imagination human. Insubstantial, changeable and elusive, light exists and it touches you.<\/p><\/div>


LOEWE at Salone del Mobile 2016<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

15 April 2016<\/strong> - Loewe is following up last year\u2019s series of ceramic-inspired bowls with a new set of furniture designs constructed from multiple fragments of leather in various shapes and colors at the 2016 Salone ...<\/p><\/div>


Michele Durazzi Creates Surreal Minimalist Architecture Images<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

11 March 2016<\/strong> - The 3D images, which are not based on real-life architecture, zoom-in on geometric elements as well as explore the realm where philosophy and architecture crossover.<\/p><\/div>