The Art Toast Project by Ida Frosk<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

07 July 2014<\/strong> - It is refreshing when a creative brings a fresh and inspiring angle to the fetishisation of food, such as in the work of Norwegian culinary innovator Ida Skivenes aka Ida Frosk. At the Art Toast Proje...<\/p><\/div>


Gaetano Pesce. The time of diversity<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

27 June 2014<\/strong> - Throughout his life Gaetano Pesce, architect, designer and artist of international repute, has engaged in theoretical debate regarding diversity, casuality, the breaking down of barriers between ...<\/p><\/div>


Artists As Architecture<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

22 May 2014<\/strong> - Here on Delood we're delving into the imagination of Italian graphic designer and architect Federico Babina, who has created a number of series depicting elements of popular culture as architecture. H...<\/p><\/div>


Banana Graffiti by Marta Grossi<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

12 April 2014<\/strong> - Marta Grossi has her Banana for Breakfast.  Marta customizes her banana during the night and she has her banana for breakfast the day after. \u2018This is a temporary space and love to pro...<\/p><\/div>


\u2018Naked Portraits\u2019 by Lucian Freud<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

28 January 2014<\/strong> - Luxembourg & Dayan is pleased to announce \u2018A Not So Still Life\u2019, an exhibition of two significant late paintings by Lucian Freud (1922\u20132011), presented alongside other modern works in juxtap...<\/p><\/div>


Shadow Artworks by Teodosio Sectio Aurea<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

26 November 2013<\/strong> - The mesmerizing subject of shadows, the fleeting glimpse of a transient form, created through the chance configuration of light and shade, has fascinated man throughout the ages. The world renowned se...<\/p><\/div>


California Coming Home by Word to Mother <\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

20 November 2013<\/strong> - A family vacation to San Francisco in the 1990s remained in the heart of a young impressionable schoolboy, and those cherished memories are just as vivid today, now that the same young boy has matured...<\/p><\/div>


Raumzeichnungen by Monika Grzymala<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

14 November 2013<\/strong> - Berlin-based Polish artist Monika Grzymala may begin her thought processes with pencil and paper but her dynamic installations challenge our perceptions of simple line drawings.<\/p><\/div>