Undergroung Trampolines<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

14 July 2014<\/strong> - A huge slate cavern in North Wales has been installed with the world\u2019s biggest underground trampoline to offer unique and fun-filled adventures. This giant underground playground is the first of its kind in the world. <\/p><\/div>


Everything is Rubbish<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

09 July 2014<\/strong> - With the development of plastic came a utopian promise \u2013 that this revolutionary material would change our lives. It has now become so materially ingrained in our lives and environment that it\u2019s b...<\/p><\/div>


Nendo for TOD'S<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

07 July 2014<\/strong> - Nendo have designed a men\u2019s shoe, for iconic Italian footwear and bag brand Tod\u2019s. Nendo chose to combine two materials for the shoe\u2019s upper \u2013 a soft leather for the vamp, ...<\/p><\/div>


Gaetano Pesce. The time of diversity<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

27 June 2014<\/strong> - Throughout his life Gaetano Pesce, architect, designer and artist of international repute, has engaged in theoretical debate regarding diversity, casuality, the breaking down of barriers between ...<\/p><\/div>


The Obverse Box by Deru<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

11 June 2014<\/strong> - Based on a collection of found articles, letters, photos, and other \r\nephemera left behind by the late philosopher Jackson Sonnanfeld-Arden \u2013 \r\nthe original Obverse Box was discovered in 2003 by Deru at a flea market\r\n in Los Angeles<\/p><\/div>